A medical health care camp had been set up in Nari road on March by the VCS In the camp, proper medical treatment of the people of Nari road and nearby area was done and remedial measures were provided, all free of cost, including the basic medicines required for an early recovery. VCA was given the task of taking down the details of the people who came for this health check-up. And guide the people for the same. The people encouraged to do simple activities on a regular basis to get rid of the excessive body pain.

A Blood Pressure (BP) check was performed on every patient. After that, they were sent to their respective doctors where they were appropriately given the right directions regarding their health. The three doctors carefully listened to the problems the patients were facing and provided an appropriate solution to curb it. Majority of the people were suffering from chronic back pain, swelling, watery eyes and high/low B.P. This is a prime example of how the community can be served appropriately if we are interested. We need not be high-profiled citizens to help the society change. It is the willingness and enthusiasm which comes out from within that encourages you to work for the betterment of others.


  1. Initiative taken up by VCS
  2. Three doctors
  3. 102 patients in total
  4. People suffering from backache, watery eyes, body pain, fever, cough and cold, with body pain and swelled joints being the more prevalent ones
  5. 7 volunteer under the supervision of Dr. Bansode sir
  6. Camp lasted for 4 hours from 09 am – 1 pm

Youth Development program :

Unemployment is one of the burning issues among young people who have already obtained some specialized education. With a lack of appropriate skills sets, the young people are unable to utilize their available knowledge and skills. These young people include the school leaver’s graduates and undergraduates. These young job seekers are forcibly migrating to different places across India and working as daily wagers, contract paid workers, DTP workers, and developers. The young women face added challenges of physically and sexually harassment by company owners and departmental managers.

To address the issue of unemployment, Village Care Society (VCS) and Quest Alliance has built partnership and integration for holistic and coherent strategy, relevant to for the advancement of the unemployed people in Nagpur region.

This Project is planned and articulated in the context of the experience and learning of VCS, Working in the development field in general and in particular block of District Nagpur, Maharashtra. The designed Project will strengthen the capacities and competencies of young professionals in a sustainable way.

The project enable beneficiaries to identify perceptions of employment skills and address any mismatch with that of employer and it will be possible to begin to conceptualize different programmers in order of improving employability skills needed to supply the targeted labour market