Introduction :

The Traning programme on Gender Equity for SC boys and girls of Nagpur district has been organized by village care society and supported by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), Sriperumubudur (Tamilnadu).

The training Programme on Gender Equity is basically trying to building capacity and improving accountability for gender equality of the Schedule Caste (SC) boys and girls participants. The programme will ensure gender equality and women’s human rights are fully incorporated into national development process.

During the five days Training programme, there were lectures, presentations and practicum activity which involved intense group activity to learn gender equity. A summarized report of the training cum performance evaluation programme is given in the following folios.

Programme goal:

The programme will ensure gender equality and women’s human rights are fully incorporated into national development process.

Programme Report:

Keeping the entire objective in minds, 5 days Training Programme on Gender Equity for SC youth of Nagpur District has been organized. The programme was inaugurated by Shashikant Jambhulkar, Secretary of Village Care Society and Principal of Elite College, Saoner Mr. Mohan Borkar. Where they light the candle and gave inaugural speech to participant. “The importance of gender equity is needed for society at this present scenario. I know that, in 5 days schedule we cannot covered all related subject but this is a small effort for you from our side for that you should take an advantage and enjoy the training programme for learn something.” Said by Shashikant Jambhulkar, Secretary of Village Care Society. The Principal of Elite College, Saoner Mr. Mohan Borkar told, “This is a first time to any organization organized training programme for SC boys and girls, this programme will provide good opportunity and open new door in participants life”. “This is good opportunity for you guys, make full use of it” said Sandeep Ramteke, Resource person and guest of inaugural programme . Programme Coordinator Kshitij Gawande said, “We are really Thankful to RGNIYD to give support to organize such kind of porgramme in our district and Participants enjoy 5 days of training programme”.

After the inaugural function at Elite College, Saoner, the trainer introduced himself and gave basics information on Gender and Sex as well as equity and equality.

Training Programme Session:

Training programme on Gender equity was a combination of sessions to provide common perspective learning to all of the trainee and of practical sessions for more detailed interactive discussion based on practical experiences.

The sections below describe the session’s summary.

Summary of the sessions- Day 1

In the first session, Trainer Mr. Sandeep Ramteke introduced himself to the trainee and gets back their introduction. The session starts with concept of Gender equity and objectives of training programme. The program started so late so many things can be covered in the short period of time. Many theme based games had taken for better understanding of this training program and deciding rules of training. Trainer briefly explains about difference in sex and gender and where all this gender discrimination started in the society. Lunch had taken at 2 o’clock and remaining session had taken after the lunch.

In the second session taken by Mr. Pratik Goswami summarized topic of components of society and system raised over a period in Indian culture and how discrimination raised throughout the period. Participants were actively involved in the discussion through bringing out the issues which will be relevant to study. Tea break had taken at 3.30 o’clock and remaining session had taken after the break.

In the third session Mr. Kshitij Gawande discuss about introduction of gender and types of gender form in society, also give brief information about present situation of girl or women in the society. Trainer also mentioned about where discrimination took place for women.

In the Fourth session Mr. Prabin Prasad discuss about Gender and Health issues in the society, he did brain storming method in the session and discuss health related problems faced by women’s. after this session we conclude first day of training programme.

Summary of the sessions- Day 2

The first session of the day started with query or doubts of the participants based on the previous day sessions. Few participants brought out few queries, which was discussed and clarified by the trainer. Introduction of gender and education session taken by Mr. Pratik Goswami, where he give brief detail information and statics about the topic. Lots of discussion takes on the topic and trainers clarified all the doubts of trainee.

Second session took by Mr. Naresh Kolte on Gender and Family. The session took with the help of flash card and other learning material, group divided into 8 groups and they present presentation on appropriate gender symbols. Later trainer described how much this symbols affects any individual personality. Lunch had taken at 1.30 o’clock and remaining session had taken after the lunch.

After lunch third session took by Mr. Sumit Gorkhede on Gender and work, a small game was taken to explain about decision making, later on group divided into 5 group and they have to brainstorm on given task and develop family budget. All group present their group presentation on given topic at the end trainer explain about status of work in the family and how much women get paid for this kind of work.

Fourth session on Gender-based discrimination at work was taken by Mr. Amit Ganvir where small clip on gender based discrimination was shown to trainee and later presentation was given. Discussion on transgender and their related work was explained towards trainee given by trainer.

Summary of the sessions- Day 3

The first session of the day started with query or doubts of the participants based on the previous day sessions. Few participants brought out few queries, which was discussed and clarified by the trainers.

Followed by session on gender and sexuality taken by Dr. Shankar Kudwe where he delivered lecture on puberty and general myth about puberty period. In this session group discussion was taken on puberty

In the second session he explain about the sexuality, he described about how family explain sexuality towards their children’s. Later he explain about changes occurs in body of male and female. Whole session take up with brain storming and lecture method. Lunch had taken at 1.30 o’clock and remaining session had taken after the lunch.

After lunch session on Gender and violence was taken by Mr. Sidhant Dahake. He did group discussion on types of violence and later shown documentary on gender based violence.

In the fourth session taken by Mr. Sumit Gorkhede where role play task given to trainee, trainee divided into 5 groups and they perform role play in front of each other’s and discussion on types of violence carried out throughout the session.

Summary of the sessions- Day 4

The first session of the day started with query or doubts of the participants based on the previous day sessions. First session on Violence in conflict was taken by Mr. Tushar Zodekar, where he shown one documentary on violence and later discuss the issue of violence.

In the second session discussion on violence and conflict continues throughout the session and at the end of the session Mr. Tushar Zodekar discuss the provisions and laws made in India for various kinds of conflicts.

After lunch session on Gender and Human rights taken by Mrs. Sangeeta Wasnikar, where she discuss the basic human rights of citizens and how the women can seek special provision under this human rights. She made wonderful presentation on human rights.

Fourth session was on Gender and culture rights taken by Mr. Sidhant Dahake, where he continue the topic of human rights and discuss on difference between Human rights and cultural rights.

Summary of the sessions- Day 5

The first session of the day started with recap and query or doubts of the participants based on the previous day sessions. Followed by session on Gender and media taken by Mrs. Alka Koche, she applied role play method in this session, she divided participants in 5 group and ask to present how media show and boy character and girls character in general way. She explain participants how media affects individual characteristics in society.

Later on session on the power of media taken by Mr. Sidhant Dahake, where he screen a Marathi film called “Maherchi Sadi” where shown hoe women prejudice in normal Indian society and media show a normal women life in a way of cinema.

This training programme has been designed on the base on instructor-led class. In this training programme trainer used lecture and practical method for trainee for better understanding about Gender Equity. Trainer also gave certain time for open discussion to trainee on their doubts and clarification for topic.

In the open discussion session participants raise various queries in related currents subject and trainer inform them with satisfaction. All sessions done in conversation method so, they have known the hard topics in simple way. Trainer also encouraged trainee to do practical and role play so that they can enhanced their knowledge and confidence on given topic.

Learner Satisfaction :

Many of the trainees were satisfied with training programme, but they ask for more than 5 days learning training programme. Many of the participants ask for professional training sessions in their respective villages. Some of the trainees were ask same kind of programme for their friends, brother and sister who were not able to attend this training programme. Many of the participants and trainer said that 5 days is not sufficient for such type of training programme.

The comments of the participants show their thinking.

This is my first time to participating in this kind of Training programme, I learn new thing and it will help me to clear idea about gender equity– Mr. Durgesh Tumdam.

I know that the condition of women not good in the society, but through this training programme I got to know how to tackle this problem. – Mr. Gaorao Bhute

This programme helps me to improve my skill and knowledge about gender related issues and sexual reproductive health. I will try to spread this knowledge to everyone- Ms. Priya Thakare

Arrange same kind of training programme for my village student- Ms. Pooja Meshram


We given the evaluation form to the trainee, as per evaluation form we got from trainee, most of them very happy with the way of training were conducted in the college. Many of them ask for another skill development programme and awareness programme in their college, because many of the college students don’t aware and access this kind of social education in their college. Most of the trainees ask for professional course offer in other institution so that they have professional knowledge about gender equity Few trainees assure us that they will arrange some resources and ask help from Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of youth development and Village Care Society to organize same kind of programme in their villages and other batch mates.

Consideration :

Some of the trainees consider conducting same kind of training programme on the regular basis, so that there new generations of student also aware about gender equity. Many of the student can’t access social education about gender equity in their area because in their area there in no such an institute or education facility. Many of the girl students have to travel more than 30 Km away to degree education and many types of harassment occurs during their journey but they are not aware about it, so they now aware about their rights and laws related to women. In that Saoner block lack of professional courses on social work, youth empowerment, gender equity in not availale for students. They specially requested the organizing same kind of professional programme in their other batch mates. As they are happy with the training programme and wish to have such programme more and more so that it can help them to learn gender equity and it is also noted that the condition of the women is not much good so such type of programme help the to promote gender equity and human rights.

Conclusion :

 It is appropriate to evaluate the results of the training programme against the original goals set for the training programme. The training programme successfully addressed most of the original training programme goals.

Thus the overall objectives of the training programme were addressed gender based issues and promote human rights. Participant’s response was highly satisfactory and the training programme was informative as well to provide on field experience.

5 days Training programme on gender equity at Saoner, Dist: Nagpur was successfully conducted in the Elite college, Saoner. In training center or college we got positive response from trainee side and many of the trainees were pleased the way training programme was conducted. Many trainee give positive feedback in their evaluation form. The programme was successfully over as because the way the programme was conducted, the entire participants are very happy and they are also willing to take part in such type of programme in future. They also said that, they will help other batch mate or colleague to promote gender equity and our organization also want to conduct more and more such training programme in future for the other institutions.