Introduction :

The Training programme on Life skills Education for SC boys and girls of Nagpur district has been organized by village care society and supported by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), Sriperumubudur (Tamilnadu).

The training Programme on Life skills Education is basically trying to building capacity. The programme will enhance capability of the participants through life skills education and apply the same for their overall development of lives. So that they can take the right steps in right time in their life.

During the five days Training programme, there were lectures, presentations and practicum activity which involved intense group activity to learn Life Skills Education. A summarized report of the training cum performance evaluation programme is given in the following folios.

Programme goal:

To enhance capability of the participants through life skills education and apply the same for their overall development of life’s. So that they can take the right steps in right time in their life.

Programme Report:

Keeping the entire objective in minds, 5 days Training Programme on Life Skills Education for SC youth of Nagpur District has been organized. The programme was started on 23th of February 2016 and it was inaugurated by Prasant Jambhulkar, Principal of Renaissance College of advance technology and Principal of Elite College, Saoner Mr. Mohan Borkar. Where they light the candle and gave inaugural speech to participant. “The importance of Life Skills Education is needed for society at this present scenario. This is very good opportunities for each and every one of you to know and to learn about life skills. We are very lucky that for the first time in Nagpur such a program on life skills education is organized .This is a small effort for you from Village care Society for that you should take an advantage and enjoy the training programme for learn something.” Said by Prasant Jambhulkar, Principal of Renaissance College. The Principal of Elite College, Saoner Mr. Mohan Borkar told, “This is a nice opportunities to learn something new on life, this programme will provide good opportunity and open new door in participants life”.. Programme Coordinator Kshitij Gawande said, “We are really Thankful to RGNIYD to give support to organize such kind of porgramme in our district and Participants enjoy 5 days of training programme”.

After the inaugural function at Renaissance College, the trainer introduced himself and gave basics information on Life skills Education.

Training Programme Session:

Training programme on Life Skills Education was a combination of sessions to provide common perspective learning to all of the trainee and of practical sessions for more detailed interactive discussion based on practical experiences.

The sections below describe the session’s summary. 

Summary of the sessions- Day 1

The First Session took by Mr. Kshitij on getting to know Each Other & Establishing Ground Rules through group discussion and game. The Second Session took by Mr.Partik on Introduction and Objective of the Training program through lecture and PPT. Third session took by Mr. Prabin introduced himself to the trainee and gets back their introduction. The session starts with what are skills and what are the different types of skills are there. The trainer mainly used Lecture and Brainstorming, Game, Discussion methods for the session .Trainer briefly explains about different type of skills and different between life Skills Education and other Skills. The Fourth session taken by Mr. Prabin he explain Concept of Life Skills and Internalizing life Skills and Definition of Life Skills by WHO and its Applications, Understanding Life Skills, through PPT, Lecture and Brainstorming methods. Participants were actively involved in the discussion through bringing out the issues which will be relevant to study.

Summary of the sessions- Day 2

The first session of the day started with query or doubts and recall of the participants based on the previous day sessions. Few participants brought out few queries, which was discussed and clarified by the trainers. Followed by Session on Knowing Oneself or self awareness took by Mrs. Palavi where the trainer explain about recognition of ‘self’, our character, our strengths and weaknesses, desires, likes and dislikes, and skills. Through SWOT Analysis, Brainstorming, Game, Discussion, group Work .Lot of discussion takes on the topic and trainers clarified all the doubts of trainee.

Second session took by Mr. Vikrant on Enhancing Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem. He explains being aware of the good points about oneself helps young people build a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. The session took with the help of Brainstorming, Game, Discussion, group Work flash card, short movie and other learning material. Later trainer described how far this affects any individual personality.

After lunch third session took by Mr. Kailash on Empathy: Theory, Empathizing with other: Practical, where the trainer explain empathy is the ability to be sensitive to another person’s situation, to understand his/her concerns, worries, fears and needs and how they feel. Empathy works wonders when we apply it to our relationships – with our loved ones, classmates, Parents, friends, cousins and colleagues. It helps us move closer to solutions, to Resolve conflicts, and enhance our quality of life. Through Lecture, Discussion, Story Analysis, Role play and clip of movie.

Fourth session took by Mr. Dinesh on Creative Thinking where he explains that creative thinking is the ability to analyses information and experiences in an objective manner. It can help us recognize and assess the factors that influence our attitude and behaviour, such as media and peer pressure influences through different means like giving example and games and sports brainstorming and role play methods.

Summary of the sessions- Day 3

The first session of the day started with query or doubts and recall of the participants based on the previous day sessions. Few participants brought out few queries, which was discussed and clarified by the trainers.

Followed by session on creative thinking (remain part) took by Mrs. Palavi ,where she Tell the participants that creative thinking skills help us in thinking about new ways and ideas to handle a situation at hand, he also explain how to be creative and Media effect on us through Game, Discussion, Story Analysis, Role-play, Brainstorming and clip of movie.

The second took by Mr. Dinesh where he explains about the Critical Thinking he mention that critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. It includes the ability to do reflective and independent thinking. . He explain all this by giving different task to the students such as Game, Discussion, Story Analysis, Role-play, Brainstorming, all the participant enjoyed a lot and take active participant

The Third Session took by Mr. Sharad on Remain part of Critical Thinking where he said that it is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. He explain all this by giving different task to the students such as Game, Discussion, Story Analysis, Role-play, Brainstorming, all the participant enjoyed a lot and take active participant.

The fourth session took by Mr. Vikrant where he explain about Decision making he mention that Decision making is a complex process. Some decisions are made after careful deliberation, some are made more hastily; some are made through our own will, some under the pressure of others. By giving task to the participant such as group Discussion (Large/Small group), Role play, movie and brainstorming

Summary of the sessions- Day 4

The first session of the day started with query or doubts and recall of the participants based on the previous day sessions. Few participants brought out few queries, which was discussed and clarified by the trainers.

Followed by session on Decision making (remain part) taken by Mrs. Manisha where she mentions that our past experiences determine many of the decisions we make. Sometimes due to the past experiences we are afraid of doing things differently. Good decision making depends on understanding the situation well, being aware of our choices and, above all visualizing the consequences of our choices. . By giving task to the participant such as group Discussion (Large/Small group), Role play, movie and brainstorming.

The Second took by Mr.Vilash where he explain about problem solving he said that decision making and problem solving both are related to each other and also said that it is different part of the same coin. He also mentions that Denial of the existence of a problem might be attempted with a hope to help us in the denial of the negative feelings associated with the problem. He explains through group Discussion (Large/Small group), Role play, movie and brainstorming and clip of movie.

The Third Session took by Mr. Sharad on remain part of Problem Solving. He explains through group Discussion (Large/Small group), Role play, movie and brainstorming and clip of movie.

The fourth Session took by Mrs. Manisha on Effective Communication where the trainer explains that how much effective communication is important in today world. And also mention if we do not talk with others, then they will not know what we are thinking and they will not be able to understand us. One will feel terribly lonely this way. For some people, it is the problem of not knowing how to communicate. For others, it may be that they are too afraid to talk about their problems, share their views, and let others know what is going on in their mind. He explain about communication through Game, Discussion, Situation Analysis, Role- play, Brainstorming, Story Analysis

Summary of the sessions- Day 5

The first session of the day started with query or doubts and recall of the participants based on the previous day sessions. Few participants brought out few queries, which was discussed and clarified by the trainers.

Followed by Mr. Anand Session on (remain Part) Effective Communication where the trainer explain about the Barriers of Communication and important of communication. He explain about communication through Game, Discussion, Situation Analysis, Role-play, Brainstorming, Story Analysis

The Second session took by Mrs. Rubina on Interpersonal skills where the trainer explains the important of interpersonal relationship in today society; he also mentions that Life is about relationships. The relationship between us and our parents, siblings, our friends, classmates, and future partners, determines the quality of our life he explain all this through Game, Discussion, Situation Analysis, Role-play, Brainstorming, Story Analysis

The third session took by Mrs. Shagupta Khan on Coping with Emotions where he explain about the different type of emotions and what are the best way to control or managed our emotion through Game Discussion, Situation Analysis, Role-play, Brainstorming, Mono Acting

The fourth Session took by Mr. Kailash on, coping with Stress, he mention that Stress is a very common phenomenon and is universal in nature. It is our body’s reaction to people and events and to our own thoughts. Some level of stress is normal, such as before a test, stage performance or an athletic event

He also explain about the key to reducing stress is to find strategies that help you as an individual. The best way to cope with unhealthy stress is to recognize when your stress levels are building, he explain through Game Discussion, Situation Analysis, Role-play, Brainstorming, Mono Acting

Learner Satisfaction :

Many of the trainees were satisfied with training programme, but they ask for more than 5 days learning programme. Many of the participants ask for conducting life skills training program on regular basis in their college. Some of the trainees were ask same kind of programme for their friends, brother and sister who were not able to attend this training programme. Many of the participants and trainer said that 5 days is not sufficient for such type of training programme.

The comments of the participants show their thinking.

This is my first time to participating in this kind of Training programme, I learn new skill and it will help me throughout my life– Mr. Aniket M. Janbhandhu

I really don’t know that the creativity is applied everywhere and hard things can become simple by implementing practical knowledge. – Mr. Rohit Bhaisare

This programme helps me to improve my skill and knowledge about communication and decision makin. I will try to take right decision on right time- Ms. Shraddha Thulkar

Arrange same kind of training programme on regular basic, so that our other class mates able to understand concept of life skill- Ms. Ruchika Gedam


We given the evaluation form to the trainee, as per evaluation form we got from trainee, most of them very happy with the way of training were conducted in the Renaissance College some are suggest to conduct for at least 15 days . Many of them ask for another skill development programme and many of them suggest conducting such program in village also, because many of the village students don’t aware and access such skills development program. Most of the trainees ask for to conduct regular basis of such training program. Few trainees assure us that they flow whatever they learn through this training program in their day to day life.

Consideration :

 Some of the trainees consider conducting same kind of training programme on the regular basis, so that there new generations of student also learn about life skills education. As the life skills Education is very new concept in Nagpur, student are very much interested and want to have more such program many of the student suggested to include life Skills Education as a part of course as its develop their self confidence and also other skills which are going to helpful to them in future .They also wish to have such program in rural area and different school and college of Nagpur district. The entire participants are very happy with the program

Conclusion :

 It is appropriate to evaluate the results of the training programme against the original goals set for the training programme. The training programme successfully addressed most of the original training programme goals.

Thus the overall objectives of the training programme were addressed within the short duration to learn the Life skills Education. Participant’s response was highly satisfactory and the Training was informative.

Life Skills Education training programme on for SC youth of Nagpur for 5 days was successfully conducted in the Renaissance College. We got positive response from trainee side and many of the trainees were pleased the way training programme was conducted. Many trainee give positive feedback in their evaluation form. The programme was successfully over as because the way the programme was conducted, the entire participants are very happy and they are also willing to take part in such type of programme in future. They also said that, they will help other peoples to learn Life Skills Education and our organization also want to conduct Such training program in large scale in different School and college.