Skill Development in Nursing and Front Health Workers


India is one of the youngest nations in the world. Over 62 percent of its population is aged between 15 and 59 years. Over 54 percent of the country’s total populace is below 25 years. It is estimated that average age of India’s population by 2020 will range between one and 29 years. In comparison, the average age of population of US will be 40 years, Europe at 46 years and Japan, 47 years.

In the coming two decades, labor force of industrialized nations is forecast to decline by four percent. In sharp contrast, India will witness a boom of some 32 percent during this time span. Skill India aims at tapping this vast potential of indigenous manpower. For over seven decades since India’s independence, no such initiatives were taken to tap the potential of the country’s workforce.

Program goal:

It is the training, which has to take the responsibility of providing them the normal youth so that they develop a positive tendency towards the community and act as torchbearers of the future. The focus of the awareness campaign will not be only on the youth. It will be more towards the family in particular and the community at large. The society will be given trainings through workshops and made aware of importance of computer education and enhance their awareness to spend their son and daughter with great enthusiasm.

Program report:

Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS) is State Nodal Agency for Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of Government of Maharashtra.  MSSDS envisions making available for the youth of Maharashtra an opportunity to acquire skills that are relevant to the market demand, thus making them readily employable.

MSSDS appointed the Village Care Society as a MOU partner. The MOU partner may choose to become the VTP itself or seek support of the other training partners to conduct and administer the training, however, it is incumbent on the part of industry partner to inform details about agreement with training partners with the standing and ability of such training partner.

In order to facilitate the opportunity to candidates in various geographies of the state, the industry partner conducted the training in different locations in the state of which (Location) mentioned the main training centers. In all the training centers, requisite Infrastructure and expertise as per the norms provided by the industry partner, the details about infrastructure and expertise with changes as per the norms of MSSDS. Village Care Society is MOU partner for all Sectors and Modules (308) comes under NCVT courses.

Skill India program equipped and train the nation’s massive, enviable workforce with employable skills and knowledge. This has helps them contribute substantially to India’s industrialization and economic boom. Over 400 million women and men in the country trained in various industrial and trade skills by the year 2022. 

Medical and Nursing Sector :

  • Nursing
  • Medical Frantworkers and opportunities
  • Hospital and Medical Associate

This year we provide skill training in Nursing and Frant Health Worker sectors by our various skill centers,  students enrolled their name for these various courses and obtain training and 99% students have been passed successfully and about 65% student got jobs in various Hospital and Dispensary.


VCS taking all possible ventures to delivered marginalized community and serves its best. Above mentioned skill development courses provide basis on Maharashtra State Skill Development Society objectives and being partner VCS successfully completion the maximum courses under the banner of skill development. To attract student and dropout students especially from rural background students coming and part of this venture we conduct the base line survey and publicity at large level. So for result meet in positive responses. Near about one thousand and nine hundred students benefited and certified. Our next to prime hurdle was placement, for that we formulate the team and tie ups with industries as per their need and requirements. Technical and teaching staff taking remarkable efforts to build and serve the aim it formulates skill development centers. VCS committed and focused on the skill development sector same as capacity building of each and an individual of society.