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The society is registered under society registration Act 1860 and Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 in the year 2001 and since its inception welfare and development activities.
A group of dedicated and motivated well qualified individuals came together with a dream of embittering lives of poorest of the poor segment of our society by initiating welfare activities for the under privileged and disadvantaged poor of urban and rural India.
The target group of the society is economically weaker Sections of the rural/urban, tribal and minority communities and their over all development to bring them in the main stream of development by empowering them for their active participation in the process of development. To build the capacities of most neglected and under privileged segment to reap the fruits of development are the motto of the VILLAGE CARE SOCIETY


Stop Child Exploitation


our society

  • Socio-economics development of the rural/urban, tribal and minority socially disadvantaged communities.
  • Skill training for self- employment on forest produce and agro products available in the villages.
  • To organize income generating activates for improving economics status of the poor.
  • Try to avail the safe drinking water to the communities.
  • To organize EDP’s for rural/urban and minority youths for self employment.
  • To organize activities for empowerment of Panchayat Raj Institution.
  • To promote indigenous rural technologies.
  • Promotion & formation of SHG’s for economic betterment of rural/urban, tribal and minority economically weaker sections of the society.
  • To organize trainings, workshop for promoting and developing local leadership.
  • Confidence building among the local youths and capacity building of elected representatives of Panchayat, especially women’s, tribal/rural have-nots.
  • To make the rural poor and tribal communities aware about the various Govt. welfare scheme and activities for their development.
  • To promote health related activities especially mother and child care, HIV Aids and safe drinking water.
  • To check child labor and human trafficking.
  • Promote activities to check migration.
  • To empower and build the capacities of CBO’s, Local Mandal and SHG’s of the villages.
  • To impart non- informal education and promote functional literacy.


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Educating the underprivileged Educating each and every child on this planet. To make education an enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding experience for children. Impart the highest quality of education to all those who have the burning desire to study.


To help the needy cope up with their education needs. To create a stress-free, fun education environment. To offer maximum resources to make education impactful. To improve the quality of education at all levels.

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